July 9, 2020

Imposters is the best underrated show on Netflix right now.

I am a textbook Netflix binge watcher, I have no problem sitting on my couch all day and getting lost in a good TV show. Now I also have a slightly addictive personality when it comes to things I love. So if I like a song, I’ll listen to it over and over again until well I don’t like it any more ( right now its Dean Lewis – Hold of Me) and I have been known to read an entire book in a day. So when Imposters popped up on my Netflix homepage I gave it a chance and after the first episode, I was hooked. 

The best way I can describe The Imposters is your favorite rom-com mixed with and air of mystery and depict, Wikipedia describes it as “Dark Comedy”. The characters draw you in with lovable personalities that make you feel like you have known them for years. The soundtrack makes you laugh because what rom-com does not have a relatable yet “You really picked this song?” vibe. And lastly the plot twists and turns and keep you on your toes for 2 amazing seasons; that for me easily were watched in a week.. Whoops. 

Now I don’t want to give you any spoilers because I truly believe everyone would enjoy this show for one reason or another. But I will say if you are a fan of a good sitcom and are a fan of say Pretty Little Liars or Scandal please, please watch this show. If you are a crazy person like me you will talk about it so much you’ll then feel the need to watch it for a second round. 

Now sadly the rest of the world wasn’t as thrilled and obsessed with Imposters because they were taken off the air after the second season as Bravo is restructuring their network. Now in my opinion Netflix should 200% pick up this series as their own… but who knows what the suture will bring. For now I highly recommend you at least watch the pilot and let me know what you think, because for me it was that perfect recommendation (thank you Netflix) and became a quick favorite.  So snuggle up with a nice glass of Pinot, or your loved one (my boyfriend was a big fan) and enjoy!

Happy Binging!

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